The installation of the photovoltaic station has meant, in 2021, a saving of 56.3 Tm of CO2

Despite the offer of collective energy purchase in the industrial estate, we continue with Estabanell, as the proposed marketer was Aldro, classified as F, just as Endesa and Estabanell are classified as A. Continuing with Estabanell as a trading company has a saving of 102 Tm of CO2 on the other hand, switching to Aldro would have meant 107 Tm of CO2 emitted in 2021. The saving of high-level radioactive waste was: 146.5 g (year 2021). On the other hand, switching to Aldro would have resulted in the generation of 204 g of high-level radioactive waste.

Meetings have been held for skype, teams, corporate whatsapp, etc. saving travel and therefore reducing emissions, resource consumption and time.

LED lights have been installed in the rest of the business.

An electric car charger is planned to be installed.

It is planned to install photovoltaic panels on the roof of the production hall.

We have reduced the consumption of well water.